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NFL Pool for Idiots - League Structure

Well, there was overwhelming interest in the NFL pool, so I ended up expanding it to 34 teams, to be divided into two conference named in memory of two late* commenters.

I've listed everyone's kinja names on the left, alongside their twitter handles, in order to maximize trash talking throughout the season.


More info will follow next week (I'm setting up some online league management software to automate as much of this as possible, which everyone will have access to).

Because I've expanded to 34 teams but want to keep the playoff structure intact, only six teams will make the playoffs, which will follow the NFL's playoff tree (except there are no division winners, so teams will be ranked #1-#6).


When it comes time to sending me your picks, the simplest way for me will be via Twitter DM. You can still email to DeadspinFootball@gmail.com but I'd prefer using Twitter.

Good luck (said in a sarcastic voice).


*"late" in that they both missed the registration cutoff

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