A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
Illustration for article titled Not Unemployed Deadspin Commenter Chris Kluwe Interviewed for In-Flight American Ninja Warrior Promoem/em

Frienemy of the program Chris Kluwe was recently interviewed as part of a WSJ promo for American Ninja Warrior Season 8. For the under-traveled, WSJ is a “news” “channel” that broadcasts pre-recorded “snippets,” but only on jetBlue. It features E- list celebrities like Chris Kluwe and really only gets watched outside of US airspace where the WiFi and other channels don’t work.


Anyways, during Kluwe’s face time, the directors were kind enough to let us know he found a job by noting his profession: “American Ninja Warrior Season 8 Competitor.” Kluwe was given a few minutues on camera where apparently he fielded questions, but I didn’t have headphones on and also didn’t care.

All of us at Gawrker congratulate you on your gig, and on finally making a name for yourself as “American Ninja Warrior Season 8 Competitor” instead of your former profession “unemployed.”

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