A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

OBITUARY: BlessedToComment (2013 - 2013)

I am sad to report that Deadspin commenter, Constitutional scholar, presumptive brother, and all-around nice guy BlessedToComment passed away last night. He was three months old.

Shortly after providing yet another insightful Bill of Rights-based analysis in an afternoon post, his comment turned grey, and eventually disappeared. All subsequent attempts to make comments that would remained visible failed, and he was declared dead at 10:07 PM Eastern. Based on available evidence, authorities have identified a suspect.


While tragic, his death is not unexpected. In a comment section full of enlightened, profanity-free and spell-checked ideas, he stood out as perhaps the single most objectionable commenter. Could he have avoided this fate by sticking to a more traditional output of GIFs, racism and homophobia? Perhaps. But in death, he provided us with something far, far more important than another cleverly placed Simpson JPG.

And if you know what that is, please tell me in the comments. Because I have no fucking idea.

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