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Oddly Edible - Corned beef hash

It stares contemptuously out at you from the shelf at the grocery store. Its trapezoidal shape, with its rounded corners and that 'key' sits there mocking you. It's the only thing that's made in Brazil (or Argentina) that you find outside of the 'ethnic' food aisle. On the shelf, over by the cans of tuna, salmon and cans deviled meat sits the cans of corned beef.

What is this mystery? And what can you make with it? In this inaugural 'what is this weird food at the store spin' we'll look at canned corned beef and make a delightful dinner for the family for the same price of some fancy coffee drink.

The first thing you need to realize is that the corned beef in a can isn't the stuff you get at the deli counter. That stuff is great cold, heck you can make a great sandwich with it. What we're discussing here is chopped meat, pinkish and streaked with fat.


The meal we're going make is corned beef hash. Its low brow and old fashioned. Your grandfather would recognize it and probably made it while camping. It goes great with beer and fall days (and also football).

First get a tin of corned beef. While you're at the store buy a bag of frozen hash browns. We're talking about the shredded potato kind or the small potatoes that look like the discarded bits from McDonald's French fries. Don't get potato patties, that would be weird.

The hardest thing about this recipe is opening the can, you need to use the key that's been stuck to the tin. Flip out the little tab of metal, insert it into the key and twist. That's it, it isn't hard. Dump the tin of corned beef into a big bowl, dump in half a bag or so of the hash browns. Crack in an egg.


Now mix it up. I use my hands, you could use a spoon, or a fork, just get it all mixed up.

Heat up a frying pan, then dump in that mixture you just mixed up. Pat it down with the spoon you just used until you get a nice even layer. Cook it for a while until the top is starting to get warm. At this point you're going to try to flip the layer. You will fail at this.


So just cut it into quarters and flip those pieces individually. It's hash - not some fancy French food. (calling it: l'hash de boeuf salé doesn't make it fancy)

You want your hash to have some crispy bits on the outside and be good and hot in the middle. Once you have that you're done. Serve with a can of creamed corn and a can of candied yams. Fresh veggies and meat from a can don't go together.


Get eating and realize that after the next disaster you'll now know what to cook.

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