Editor's Note: I see people are posting stories of sports failures. I don't have any of those. Sorry.

Ok so this one time? Freshmen year of college? I was on the ultimate frisbee team? Yes that's a thing? Anyway I was not on the top team - it was the B squad? So we played who we could get? And sometimes that meant playing some local high schools? Who were pretty good, you know, as far as high school kids go?


So we were playing them, you know? And it was a pretty tight match? Age-wise it was high school seniors vs. college freshmen so , you know, pretty fair? And we were one point away from winning?

Anyway I catch the disk (what the cool kids called a frisbee?) about 20 yards out from the end zone, right on the sideline? And there's this little shit who was really intense and he's up on me playing really hard D? Like maybe take it easy, Junior? And he was pissing me off?

So I see my buddy Fletcher streaking left to right across the end zone, but Charlie Hustle is all up in my jock? So I throw a pretty ridic curving forehand (I'm right handed?) that goes waaaaay out of bounds but is curving back in? Anyway it curves right back into the end zone just as my buddy Fletcher has sprinted to the spot? And my buddy Fletcher catches it and we score and win the game? Pretty awesome, right?

So I look over and Intense McGee is almost crying? And I'm like, why? So I go up to him? Right up to him? And I put my hand on his shoulder, and summon my inner Fair Sport?


And I tell him to grow a fucking pair.