A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
Illustration for article titled On the purity of forms and the representation of aretē in Sheed.

The Sophists posited, and Tim Donaghy deposited and Sheed's requisite neo-orthodoxy drove the submission of the forms to a degree that the importance of the pathos outweighed the logos. Take the Malice in the Palace, for example, as a situation that can be looked at through the fundamentalist and not-incorrect Neitzschean ethical lens that the transubstantiation of the 3 ball, (from down town!) exists not for you and I to grasp, but for eternity.

Does the symbol presuppose the meaning of the intentionality of something both divine and not-divine? Can Sheed, in the low post as an underrated rebounder and defender bring us to a realization that our definitions cannot subsume the solipsistic paradox of the infinite and ultimately meaningful? And lets talk about technical fouls, the T, and getting T-ed up tee, T, oh Tee of my teE.


A tautology of misinterpreted semoitic transient experiences, NBA basket-ball, style and realness.The modality of the transmission of the arc of a shot and communicating to David Stern. Cognitive syntax and unyielding nature present the pre-formal language of the immediate and dynamic structure.

Sheed interruptus of the Sheed interregnum.

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