There are a lot of stupid names for a Pot Luck.

Here are some other names for it:

Tupper Supper, Community Harvest, Pan Bingo, Yankee Pot, Pot Supper, Bring-a-bowl, String-along, Bring along, Bake N' Taste, Faiths Feast, Care N' Share, Merry Meal, Foods a Plenty, Plenty Plate, Pile O' Plates, Snazzy Grab, Chat N' Chew, Grub Swap, Grub N' Gab, Pair N' Share, Food Revival, Treat N' Toss, God's Gab N' Grub, Gossip Circle, Here-Try-This!, Pancake House, Share and Stare, Bring N' Boast, Brag and Grab, Grub and Rub, Eat Checksheet, Anxiety Society, Roast N' Toast, Try N' Taste, Germ and Squirm, Bather N' Savor, Timmy's Old Breadbasket, Chili Cook Off, Free Food for the Homeless, Dip N' Chili, Blustered and Custard, Dip N' Delight, Seafood-free Dinner prepared by Strangers, Trust Committee, Buttery Buttress, Julius Franklin Hot Dog Sunday, Meals-with-Friends, Dinnertime to kill the Sinnertime, Perch and Pray, Perch and Prey, Snack Attack, Snach Attach, Leftoverhaul, Leftover Popover Potpourri, Jealousy, Recipe Generator, Homemade Foods everyone makes except Paul who always brings fucking Chips Ahoy—fuck Paul—that guy sucks, Fast Pass, Pass N' Dash, Dine and Whine, Dish Dash, Mishmashmeal, Whispery Mystery Food Share, Southwest Rubber Tug, Wholesome Nosh, Gosh N' Nosh, Walk around the pot.