A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

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Phyllis Hufnagel, Community Beat.

If your grandkids are anything like mine, you don't need a calendar to tell you when Spring is here, they'll let you know! You know what they say: I scream, you scream, my grandkids scream for ice cream! Easter weekend is when Foster's Ice Cream Shack opens its doors after its long winter nap, and lets our little community in Cedar Grove know that it's time to enjoy their delicious dairy treats, like soft-serve, milkshakes and their famous Fosters Frost! Now, as a grandmother, I'm always eager to take my grandkids for an afternoon, especially when their Mom needs some "me" time.


"Mom, it's fine, they're playing trucks in the back yard - not bothering me at all" Barb says, but my grandmotherly instincts kick in and I know what she's really saying, so I get in the car, pull up to the yard and wave to the kids and say "Who wants ICE CREAM!" and before you know it, Braiden and Wynfield are wrestling in the back seat of the Buick, and we're on our way.

Sure, their mom would be mad if she knew I was doing this, but grandmothers know best, and, quite frankly, that's a lesson she needs to learn! Plus, since Harold passed away last year, it's been awfully lonely, and the bridge gals only meet on Wednesday - I may be a grandmother, but I have needs too: grandkids!


Barb's a good mom, but one thing I don't get is this "food sensitivity" thing that they're all chattering on about these days. When I was a girl, we didn't worry about these things. I think that it is just silly that some doctors (like that pediatrician of hers, "Dr. Singh" - don't even get me started!) are saying that some kids can't eat milk, or cheese. That's wholesome, American food, not like the tomatoes and garlic and olive oil that those Italian folks over in North Centerville eat. I'm sure that's fine food for those people, and I can understand how it would be tough to digest, but ice cream? That's just what little boys need!

Now, Barb has told me "Please, please Mom, don't give the boys dairy - last time you did they had diarrhea for 10 days" but that's all in her head, and that's why we're off to Fosters. Sometime being a grandmother means relying on wisdom and your heart, and sometimes you have to pick the boys up and take them out for ice cream when their Mom's not expecting it. Being a grandmother - it's about love.

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