Here are today's results....

Deadspin veteran When_you_get_the_money_ you_get_the_Micah_Hoffpauir has defeated newcomer coolwhhhhip. Special thanks to coolwhhhhip for agreeing to be our first contestant, and we hope he sticks around to see the ass-stomping of a lifetime that undoubtedly awaits his opponent in the next round.

A few clean-up items while we’re all here. I know today’s contest got off to a bad start, what with me having to dismiss several interlopers and refer to you collectively as dumbfucks, but I take full responsibility for that. Future posts will lead off with some boilerplate where I remind us all of the dos and don’ts of the game, as well as a link to the rules. And until we iron out all of the issues, I will be including a third comment thread, where people can ask questions and, yes, make jokes about the contest itself.

Also, many of you have complained that your +1 votes are showing up in grey. I don’t know why that is, but please feel free to “recommend” any grey vote.

And finally, some of you may have noticed that When_you_get_the_money_you_get_the_ Micah_Hoffpauir broke one, some or all of the rules, including, without limitation:

  • voting for himself;
  • trying to get people to vote on Twitter; and
  • changing his burner profile to something that is most definitely NSFW.

Please don’t be the next person to do any of these things.

We have another great play-in game scheduled for tomorrow at the same time (between 10:30 and 11:00 AM Eastern). Hope to see you then.


And remember: if you don’t vote, you are probably the sanest person here. But please vote.