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Yesterday's White Sox-Mariners Game Was Historically Crazy

We alerted you to the wackiness that wasgoing on in the White Sox-Mariners gamelast night, but we feel it's necessary to mention it again today, because it really was one of the craziest games history. How crazy was it? Let's count the ways:


  • The 16-inning game ended in a 7-5 White Sox victory, but was scoreless through the first 13 innings.
  • The White Sox exploded for 5 runs in the top of the 14th, only to watch the Mariners tie up the game with five runs of their own in the bottom half of the inning, thanks in large part to Kyle Seager's grand slam.
  • It was the first game in history in which both teams ended up scoring five or more runs in a game that had been scoreless through the first nine innings.
  • Kyle Seager's grand slam in the 14th inning was the first game-tying, extra-innings grand slam in history.
  • The five-hour, 42-minute game was the longest home game in Mariners history, and White Sox manager Robin Ventura actually had to leave the game early so he could catch a flight to his daughter's high school graduation.
  • The two teams combined for 12 extra-innings runs, tying the AL record for most runs scored in extras.
  • The two teams accounted for more runs, hits, strikeouts, and pitches in the seven extra innings than they did in the first nine.
  • The winning pitcher, Addison Reed, pitched three innings and surrendered five runs.


Now go on and enjoy Hawk Harrelson's call of the final out. I don't think the man has ever sounded so relieved.

Thanks to ESPN's David Schoenfield for the stats