If there's anything that my six months in the Deadspin-verse have taught me, it's that you all crave the +1, and you all like word games (especially Raysism). So, I've combined the two.

Here's how this works. I'll give you a clue that will have two parts separated by a transitory phrase. You'll have to figure out what the first part of the clue refers to, then add the letters "ONE" (in that order, with no other letters in between them) to find the word or phrase that the second part of the clue refers to.

For example:

Clue: The physician turns into a remote killing machine.

Answer: DR + ONE = DRONE

Note that the answers are not necessarily one word, and the spacing might change between the first and second parts of the clue. Onward we go:

1. Speed of light now used to control traffic.

2. Animated miscreant becomes low-level noble.

3. Beatle gets cancer, is reinvented as longtime Yankee.

4. Prostitute's dinner is now a popular Christmas movie.

5. Drink a minute, then heist film.

I think that most of these are pretty easy and I'm counting on you all to have them solved before I leave work. Leave yo' answers in the comments and keep reaching for those +1s!