The penultimate week of competition is here in Idiotland (sorry, no Pro Bowl picks), and I'm exhausted but still standing.

The picks are in, and they're spectacular:

BronzeHammer Memorial Conference**
RubdirtinittakealapCOMMON PICKSSponsoredByV8
IND(9)SEA(1)SEA(8) NE(1)
SonarJose Memorial Conference**
JacquesLeftFeetCOMMON PICKSMr. Rodgers Neighborhood
SEA(4)NE(6)NE(3) GB(1)

In terms of game results, this means (nicely) that each Idiot is tied to a team's success, as follows:

Seattle - JacquesLeftFeet
Green Bay - Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (surprise)
New England - SponsoredbyV8 (now you can hate them both!)
Indianapolis - rubdirtinittakealap


We'll check back on Sunday or Monday to see who represents the conferences in Idiot Bowl I (for now, called the BHMC-SJMC Championship Game).