A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Pool for Idiots - Conference Finals Preview

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We ain't come here to play school.

I've regrouped from my horrific loss in the Divisional Round to rise above it and put this preview post together. We're down to the Final Four, the Idiots Pool equivalent of the college basketball Final Four. The Google Form for picks is here.


Let's see the tale of the tape:

BronzeHammer Memorial Conference Final

(2) SponsoredbyV8 (9-3-4) vs. (4) rubdirtinittakealap (8-5-3)

As most doctors do these days, SbV8 questioned rhythm method's efficiency en route to a Divisional Round victory this past weekend, giving him the tiebreak advantage over his opponent. Rubdirt took out Freeman and [redacted] in the first two weeks of the playoffs, making him 4-0-1 in his last five. Once again, despite being the lower seed, rubdirt won the regular season matchup, with a decisive 8-6 victory over the sleepless resident in Week 9. Prediction: rubdirt wins by default after I murder SbV8 for not getting his picks in promptly


SonarJose Memorial Conference Final

(1) JacquesLeftFeet (11-4-1) vs. (5) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (6-3-7)

The SJMC Final is an exciting matchup between the regular season leader in wins and the regular season leader in ties. JLF knocked off AnthonyMasonsBarber in his sole playoff test, while Mr. R's N took out higher seeds Mangini in a Bottle and Sneijderman in back-to-back weeks. The Week 7 game between these two saw Jacques eke out a 7-6 win. Will history repeat itself? Probably not, because that's a stupid question. Prediction: History repeats itself



Same as the first two playoff rounds, but with fewer games. Assign 10 picks, with at least 1 going to each game, and if you are adventurous, you can pick both teams in the same game.


If opponents pick exactly the same, then I will advise the higher seed who can either change picks or force the opponent to change. If the final score is a tie, the higher seed advances. Picks due by Friday at 3pm Eastern.

PICKS? Picks.

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