A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Pool for Idiots - Divisional Round Matchups

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These playoff weeks have been great. If I do the pool again next year, I think I'll limit it to eight people.


Unsurprisingly this week, the Seahawks are the overwhelming choice of the Discerning Idiot, getting 47 of a possible 56 picks. Both BHMC contests come down to one of the two AFC games this week - and SbV8 and rhythm had originally made the same picks until Dr. Evil pulled rank and forced his adversary to transfer a pick from Touchdown Tom to the Elite One.

There is much more variety in the SJMC, where only Sneijderman and JLF laid down the max on Seattle.


One thing is for certain - I will only have to seek out a maximum of six sets of picks for the rest of the season. That, we can all agree, comes as a great relief.

Enjoy the games.

BronzeHammer Memorial Conference**
RubdirtinittakealapCOMMON PICKSDougExeter
IND(1)SEA(7) GB(1) NE(1)DEN(1)
rhythm methodCOMMON PICKSSponsoredByV8
BAL(1)SEA(7) GB(1) DEN(1)NE(1)
SonarJose Memorial Conference**
AnthonyMasonsBarberCOMMON PICKSJacquesLeftFeet
DAL(2) NE(2)SEA(4) NE(1) DEN(1)SEA(3) GB(1)
Mr. Rodgers NeighborhoodCOMMON PICKSThe Amazing Sneijderman
IND(1) GB(3) NE(3)SEA(1) GB(1) NE(1)SEA(6) DEN(1)

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