A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Pool for Idiots - Divisional Round Preview

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Sorry for the lateness in getting the post up, although you should remember that picks posts didn't go up until Tuesday during the regular season, and also I don't owe you guys shit.


Anyway, the wild card round is done and we are down to the Elite Eight. Here are your matchups.


#1 DougExeter v. #4 rubdirtinittakealap

Mr. dirt squeezed by noted summer-vacation-taker FreemanMcNeil in the Wild Card round. Hey, Freeman, I know today was the first day back to school for kids, but you got taken to school yesterday.


Anyway, this matchup features yours truly, who lost only 2 games all season, including 9-8 to rubdirt in Week 15. What the fuck. Prediction: Doug wins 11 to -1.

#2 SponsoredByV8 v. #3 rhythm method

This matchup features the two Idiots that have infuriated me the most this season: SbV8, for driving me insane by not sending picks, and rhythm method, for making me triple-check the damn spelling of his handle.


Method-man knocked off BBAM using his higher-seed tiebreaker in a 9-9 tie in the Wild Card round. The regular season matchup between these two ended in an 8-7 defeat for the good doctor back in Week 8. Prediction: SbV8 doesn't get his picks in.


#1 JacquesLeftFeet v. #6 AnthonyMasonsBarber

The battle of two long-time Deadspin commenters noted for their massive bodies of work; everyone is looking forward to this titanic clash. AMB destroyed local nobody DJJJW in the Wild Card round.


JLF was one of the many perfect scorers in Week 12, beating AMB 10-8 in their regular season tilt. Prediction: neither of these guys are 2015 COTY.

#2 The Amazing Sneijderman v. #5 Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

I have nothing to say about this. MRN beat Mangini in the Wild Card round after that heartfelt post about MIAB's dog a few weeks ago. What a piece of shit.


These two had a 6-6 tie in Week 11, which is boring. Prediction: eventually, the Sun burns out and dies, ending all of humanity.

Hey, by the way, make your picks on the Google Form here.


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