A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Pool for Idiots - Divisional Round Results

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A sad day for teapot dictators everywhere as your beloved commissioner was eliminated from the Idiots Pool yesterday, along with three other entities of some kind.


Although there was immediately word that the Benevolent Leader had been playing the last several weeks of the season with an undisclosed injury, these reports seemingly conflict with the commonly-held belief by Idiots that the commissioner was a deity, or, at minimum, godlike.

In any event, the damned Broncos let me and Sniejdy down this week, leaving us with these results:

BHMCSponsoredByV89rhythm method8
SJMCThe Amazing Sneijderman9Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood10

The BHMC Championship game will pit #2 seed SbV8 against #4 rubdirt, while the SJMC title will go to either top-seed JLF or #5 Mr. Rodgers. Preview post will be up later today, if I feel like it anymore.

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