After a long and inconsequential season, we are down to the final two competitors.

In many ways, this final will be a study of contrasts. One of the Idiots has a long and distinguished commenting and contributing career, while I don't think the other actually comments on Deadspin. One of the finalists has contributed insightful (if pointless) analysis on each weekly Idiots Pool post, while the other has gone out of his way to infuriate me every time I asked for PICKS, and will assuredly do so again in the Final. One of these two, I hate; the other, I merely consider beneath me.

With that said, here are your competitors:

BHMC Champion - SponsoredbyV8 (9-3-4 regular season, 2nd place)

SJMC Champion - JacquesLeftFeet (11-4-1 regular season, 1st place)

These two will be competing for the first ever Idiot Bowl championship, with the winner taking home the beautiful trophy seen here for the first time:



JLF has elected to throw all of his might behind the cheating New England Patriots, allocating all 10 of his picks to the cheating cheaters.

SbV8, perhaps recognizing that his pick would ultimately be displaced by JLF due to him holding the tiebreaker, split the baby, making 5 picks per team. Of course, given that JLF had picked the Patriots already, it didn't matter one damn goddamn what he picked anyway, he was getting the Seahawks.


So there you have it - if the deflated balls bounce New England's way, then JacquesLeftFeet will be your winner. A repeat for the defending champs will give the trophy to SponsoredbyV8.

Good luck, Idiots. Good luck.