A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Pool for Idiots - Playoffs - Wild Card Round Preview

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The playoffs are here. In case you've forgotten the rules - they are here.

Playoff teams are:

1. DougExeter (10-2-4)
2. SponsoredByV8 (9-3-4)
3. rhythm method (7-3-6)
4. rubdirtinittakealap (8-5-3)
5. FreemanMcNeil (8-5-3)
6. Bring Back Anthony Mason (7-5-4)


1. JacquesLeftFeet (11-4-1)
2. The Amazing Sneijderman (9-3-4)
3. DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver (7-4-5)
4. Mangini in a Bottle (7-4-5)
5. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (6-3-7)
6. AnthonyMasonsBarber (6-5-5)

The Wild Card Week Games are:


(3) rhythm method v. (6) Bring Back Anthony Mason

These two faced off in Week 12, the most successful week for the Idiots all season, and played to a 9-9 tie (of which there were five that week; the only five of the season).


(4) rubdirtinittakealap v. (5) FreemanMcNeil

A Week 17 rematch, Freeman looks to avenge the 9-7 defeat that knocked him down to the fifth seed.



(3) DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver v. (6) AnthonyMasonsBarber

The Week 7 game between these two was the lowest-scoring of the four playoff matchups, resulting in a 5-5 tie.


(4) Mangini in a Bottle v. (5) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

When these two played in Week 8, is resulted in one of Mr. Rodgers' many, many ties on the season - this one was 6-6.


To enter your picks, go to the Google Form. They are arranged a bit differently owing to the playoff structure, but please follow the rules in the post above. Picks are due Friday at 3pm Eastern.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy my hard-earned bye week.

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