Lots of love for the home teams; it seems like Arizona starting me at quarterback this week has scared most people off in favor of the intimidating 7-8-1 Panthers.

The BHMC divided their picks entirely among the four home teams, meaning that a clean sweep for the home teams will result in two 10-10 ties and the higher seed moving through.

All eight teams got a little bit of love in the SJMC, mostly by Mangini putting a lot of faith in the Cowboys and spreading out picks through everyone else but Detroit.

Here are the picks, with the numbers below (the maximum a team could earn for picks is 56).


BronzeHammer Memorial Conference**
rhythm methodCOMMON PICKSBring Back Anthony Mason
DAL(5)DAL(2) CAR(1) PIT(1) IND(1)CAR(5)
RubdirtinittakealapCOMMON PICKSFreemanMcNeil
IND(4)DAL(1) CAR(1) PIT(1) IND(3)DAL(2) CAR(1) PIT(1)
SonarJose Memorial Conference**
DJ Jazzy Jeff WeaverCOMMON PICKSAnthonyMasonsBarber
DET(1) ARI(2) CIN(1) PIT(2)ARI(1) DAL(2) PIT(1)BAL(1) DAL(2) IND(3)
Mangini in a BottleCOMMON PICKSMr. Rodgers Neighborhood
ARI(1) BAL(1) CIN(1) DAL(1)DAL(3) CAR(1) PIT(1) IND(1)CAR(1) IND(3)



Good luck, and see you when the real playoffs start next week.