A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

On Twitter, there are breeds of stupidity, ignorance, and hatred that don’t even deserve the privilege of a platform to voice themselves. For this reason alone, I won't go so far as to say @NotShermanLOB embodies Twitter at its worst- but he's goddamn close.

He’s worse than your average dumb parody account providing endless streams of awful puns. He’s worse than the mouth-breathing burners who still think DougExeter supports rapists, you say? Keep saying it. He’s worse than Favstar.fm. He's worse than [Citizen_Kane_Clapping.gif]. He’s even worse than Reddit.


Thanks to commenter Fred Merkle’s due diligence, I present the sham that is @NotShermanLOB:


In case there’s any confusion: this dickhead plagiarizes, verbatim, some of the best that the Deadspin commentariat has to offer. The examples above include jokes by Fred Merkle, LPShea, pkellen2313, and Madoffs Mets.

Yes, this has happened before. Yes, it will happen again. It happens a lot. If some dumbass isn't copying jokes directly from the Deadspin comment section, he's copying tweets directly from Deadspin commenters. This is how the circle of jerks operates:


Dishonest? Certainly. Pathetic? Without a fucking doubt. But does it matter? I don't know. All I know is that ~32,000 people follow this fraud, and he deserves to be called the fuck out for his transgressions.

Shame on you, @NotShermanLOB.

[spits on keyboard]

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