I have taken quotes from some popular movies and fucked them up with google translate (even I don't remember the exact sequence to get to these final guys). Guess the movie and who said it. Most of these are pretty straightforward, but some might be hard. The "***" are movie character names I removed to make it harder. Enjoy!

1. "And I will strike you sober He is beautiful, and revenge attacked separately Which with poison, and pig Herman, the anger and the passion of the art, and my name. Will know my vengeance And I am the six sober-th " (Jules in Pulp Fiction, BBAM)


2. "No. Not Intended. Do ... Oh, not to do. There is not any proof." (Yoda in Empire Strikes Back, Sneijderman [sorry for the heart palpitations pal])

3. "Mama always SAID Life and a lady DRESS scelerisque box. Talking to you now with the Sabaeo bored." (Forrest Gump in Forrest Gump, Sneijderman)

4. "Word "war" to my friend!" (Tony Montana in Scarface, BBAM)

5. "Nine million terrorists in the world, I want to kill your feet smaller than my sister." (John McClane in Die Hard, Sneijderman)


6. "Hell, I have. The Co are helping Mott 3 omen feet this afternoon ... with nail polish." (Walter Sobciak in The Big Lebowski, Mantis Fucking Toboggan, M.D.)

7. "During the at least one time. And die in his bed, in much of tumors, are you ready all the Days of the date on Which shares from trade, one misdemeanor chance only one chance, the waters of the Volvo and our enemies million from the can to the whole Life, shoe now ... Our liberty!" (William Wallace in Braveheart, BBAM)


8. "You can learn in a day MONO Rhesus DRESS principal." (John Chambers in Argo, Funkfactor5)

9. "My sweet ****, que oozes flowers, fabulous evening you today. Are? New Cort of wars? Tell me, you are a new Cort of wars. Several times doing lot to That New Cort of wars. New makeup? You Tressure one rides? You had one cosmetic surgery? Tressure COLD? They have extremely Latter inserted in you Which you spring ... Listen, I need a favor. Ports working yesterday was the ****, Joan Baker of sustained. I really need the key to the door and was using." (Mike Wazowski in Monsters' Inc., Funkfactor5)