Greetings friends, and fuck you enemies. Puzzlespin is back and this time it's a brand new-ish invention. Let's all play a fun (?) movie guessing game using everyone's favorite heraldic allusional device: the rebus!

The game is simple and probably depressingly easy considering how long it took me to put the graphics together: I show you some pictures, and you tell me what movie they represent. As an example, if you see this:

You would obviously guess Frankenstein (Frank & Stein). If you guessed Barneyenben, you're a moron, please leave, that's not even a movie you idiot.

So let's play! Here are six famous movies presented in rebus form in an order based on perceived easiness to hardiness. A couple of these are a bit of a stretch, but that's part of the fun (?)(tm) so don't hate me for it. Post your answers in the comments, but hurry because I anticipate this game being played to conclusion within seconds. Good luck!

EDIT: I'm not going to post the correct answers up top so that any late comers can guess themselves. If you want to cheat, read the comments.


ALSO: #6 is ridiculous and you will hate me

1. (SOLVED by SonofaPlum, see below)


2. (SOLVED by FlorTexiYork)

3. (SOLVED by FlorTexiYork)


4. (SOLVED by 65tosspowerfap)

5. (SOLVED by BlairWalshProject)


6. (SOLVED by DougExeter)

6, revised to add hint:


6, revised to what it probably should have been in the first place: