I have an easy and fun sort-of-puzzle game that won't take an entire day to solve. Its a game my dad and I play, and now I play with my kid, and it goes like this: the answer to every clue is a pair of rhyming words. For example, if the clue is 'obese feline,' the answer is 'fat cat.' Simple and fun, right? Here's a couple of (sort-of) sports related ones for this morning:

UPDATE: GAH- sorry, forgot to click the allow replies box. and here I was thinking you all hated this. You don't hate this, right?

UPDATE: I mercifully ended this.


1. Hockey boot destiny (Skate fate-AS)

2. A white fence insect (Picket cricket-AS)

3. Basket feces (Hoop poop-AS)

4. A rank frown (Foul scowl-AS)

5. A theft at the alley (Stole bowl-Me, cause I'm done with this)

6. Dam pitch (Dike strike - DE)

7. A frightening long bomb (Scary hail Mary- AS)

8. A shoe for the freezing rain (Sleet cleat- AS)

9. Sacrifice vagina (Cunt bunt - DE)