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Basically Everyone Related To An MLB Player Was Drafted


We've gone over this before, but there's no sport that can match baseball for pure draft nepotism.

Some of them are legit prospects: Colin Moran, J.P Crawford, and Hunter Harvey went in the first round. But most won't amount to anything, despite their superior baseball genetics. It's still understandable: the PR of taking a legend's son, or even a great-grandnephew more than outweighs the value available the 35th round. Now that the 2013 draft is in the books, let's run down the bloodlines.


Sons and grandsons:

  • Craig Biggio's son
  • Roger Clemens's son
  • Andy Pettitte's son
  • Torii Hunter's son
  • Bucky Dent's son
  • Clay Bellinger's son
  • Edwin Diaz's son
  • Ned Eades's son
  • Mike Benjamin's son
  • Bryan Harvey's son
  • Paul Quantrill's son
  • Calvin Schiraldi's son
  • Kirt Manwaring's son
  • Jamie Moyer's son
  • Scott Nielsen's son
  • Lee Mazzilli's son
  • Tim Wallach's son
  • Walt Weiss's son
  • John Farrell's son
  • Tim Unroe's son
  • Ed Williams's son
  • Frank Wren's son
  • Mark Leiter's son (and Al Leiter's nephew)
  • Vance Law's son (and Vern Law's grandson)
  • Lee May's grandson
  • Carl Yastrzemski's grandson


  • Jason Heyward's brother
  • Justin Verlander's brother
  • Rex Brothers's brother
  • Kyle Seager's brother
  • A.J. Griffin's brother
  • Nolan Arenado's brother


  • Carl Crawford's cousin
  • Brad Lidge's cousin
  • B.J. Surhoff's nephew
  • Paul O'Neill's nephew
  • Gary Sheffield's nephew
  • Robin Yount's nephew
  • Chris Speier's nephew
  • "Shoeless" Joe Jackson's great-grandnephew


  • Manny Ramirez's son
  • Kurt Bevacqua's son
  • Rafael Palmeiro's son
  • Pat Borders's son
  • Jay Buhner's son
  • John Cangelosi's son
  • John Franco's son
  • Bob Geren's son
  • Frank Wren's other son
  • Harmon Killebrew's grandson
  • Willie Stargell's grandson
  • Alex Rodriguez's nephew
  • Dan Plesac's nephew
  • Ruben Amaro's nephew