"Special thanks to coolwhhhhip for agreeing to be our first contestant, and we hope he sticks around to see the ass-stomping of a lifetime that undoubtedly awaits his opponent in the next round." — Results post from very first tournament game

Hey, sometimes I'm right, and other times I'm really right. Of course, with the tournament bracket sitting in front of me, I had the benefit of knowing that our first play-in game winner When_you_get_the_money _ you_get_the_Micah_Hoffpauir would today bring his unique* style of humor** against perennial all-star and beloved commenter SaveToFavorites. But we thank Micah for eventually pulling the Do Not Disturb sign off the door to take his well-deserved lumps.

Folks, tomorrow morning is a good old-fashioned Fourth of July DOUBLE-HEADER! The morning post will be turned into two separate games, so make sure you drop into each and vote. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

* terrible

** some other word