Anybody else thinking about that new version of Kinja coming down the pike? Looks like fun. Should definitely make these Roundups a lot easier to compile, at any rate. Killing myself the day it rolls out, I mean.

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Good golly is this a great bit from prodigal son MattinglysSideburns in the Dennis Rodman post. It took me a minute to totally understand what he was saying, in part because I skimmed what I'm sure was a depressing and infuriating bit of news in the post. But once I took out the green visor and adding machine, I knew it was going to push my giggle button. Great joke.

I liked this literary callback from newcomer fusilliGaryBettman in the Christmas Wish List post. It's short and clever and lets the reader to the inferencing, which is a good way to leverage laughs. But, through no fault of fusilliGaryBettman's, the post just really weirded me out. Either it's fake or it's creepy, and there's a kid doing something weird or creepy, and I just don't like the idea of it. Kind of put a damper on the comments for me. :-(


Just terrific, Milo Minderbender. Great idea and execution. And because it's still in my head all these hours later, it's your Comment of the Day.

In that same vein, this song from LouisLipps doesn't really benefit from a beautifully dovetailing concept like Minderbender's, but arguably makes up for it with funnier lyrics. It's totally relatable - what Patriots RB owner doesn't hate that fucker Belichick for blowing up their fantasy season - and the good news is, since there are 40 Pats RBs at any one time, that includes basically everyone! Good work.


I can't, in all good conscience, say this aggressive little referential from BloodGames was one of my most favorite jokes of the day, but it's not a dud either. What it is, though, is a funny idea that suffers from a suboptimal execution. Over time, I think BloodGames can take an idea like this and tweak it so that it really is a home run. You gotta have confidence for that, though. Confidence comes from positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is when you hear stuff like "good job." So, good job, BloodGames. Keep at it.


This one, [wagging finger], this one, ReverseApeChemist, was a delight. Jokes like this have my mouth forming an "Oh man" before I'm even done laughing. Love it.

Here's another one of those new guys doing good things in the Kendrick Perkins post. The amnesty double meaning is the joke, of course, but the punch is all in the delivery here. A few more words and this is an ungainly flop. But it's tight and it's funny as-is. Good work, pkellen2313.


Even newer, I assume, since I've never seen him or her before, is foxymoron, who put together a nice idiot joke in that same post. Is that just beginner's luck or does he/she have the chops of a seasoned joke maker out of the box? Either way, funny stuff.


And hey, I'm all for the new guys, but there's something to be said for entrusting the health and well-being of a delicate premise to the calloused hands of a surly old veteran. A crafty joke smith like David Hume can take a B- idea and turn it into an A+ joke with his practiced skill and personal stamp. Like watching a painter paint.

Total Fucking Duds

A reminder that you'll never eliminate stupid-ass memes from our godforsaken comment section, from a grey commenter named Tommylandz. So glad you could stop by and share someone else's image and words in a done-to-death format, Tommy. Brightened my day.


One of my least favorite formulations from the typically excellent and insightful billybob123123. Honestly, who would type this? Who would take the time to type this out?


This got a rec! Christ Almighty, cynicalpuss, just goddamn.

Here's the list of not-so-good stuff in just one comment from BrownieTheElf:


- A long ass video
- The video is a commercial
- Repeating the joke in the commercial
- A weird admonition of the joke in the commercial
- Unnecessary explanation of why North Korea is bad with condescending "X, better known as Y" explanatory structure
- "Take a look and compare the two Koreas, and tell me which one is better."
- ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
- Who was saying North Korea was better?
- ?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?

That is one of the weirder comments I've ever seen on Deadspin. Virtually none of it makes any sense, and yet it's undeniably attractive. It has put a spell on me somehow. Fuck it. You know what? It's a favorite now. Congrats BrownieTheElf, you idiot genius.

If you can manage to try, after that fucking nonsense, to have a good weekend, then you have my blessing. So long!