Favorites and duds from today's commenting:

Hey guys, Plus Juan is on the disabled list today for herpes treatments, so I'm filling in for a day. He'll take my usual Monday slot next week when I have my herpes treatments. We really should have scheduled our herpes treatments better than this.

On to the roundup - early because it's a Friday.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Some guy named BurnerWilliamsJazzFusion dropped a fan-friendly favorite in the Peruvian Skier post. This is broad-appeal humor, but cleverly done, and was rewarded accordingly. Stick around.


Oh, SaveToFavorites, what would we do without you? This shot at REM in the Russian Injury post took me like five read-throughs to understand, which is hard to believe since he's picking on such a current and high-profile musical act with a string of recent hits. Oh well.


FreemanMcNeil with the nice one-liner in the Irish Luger post. Good one.

There were lots of bad, bad comments in the various Jonathan Martin articles, but this, by girlwonder, was not one of them. That's funny.


Your Comment of the Day comes courtesy of idiot savant Universal Enveloping Algebra, for this follow-up to his own groaner in the Don Cherry Hat post. Everything about this is great, and so quintessentially UEA. I laughed so hard I momentarily forgot that Plus Juan recently infected me with herpes.


Total Fucking Duds

I'll level with you. There were a lot of duds today. A LOT. Here's the thing though. I hate doing Duds. I derive no pleasure from it whatsoever. Especially on a day like today, with multiple posts on SERIOUS ISSUES where idiots bring their HOT TAKES to the comments, while other idiots try and fail to make jokes. Calling Richie Incognito a "puss" - not a joke. Saying that Michael Sam's dad must be proud of Darren Sharper - not a joke, and awful on every level, even if you were being "ironic." This was a depressing day; let's just get the duds over with.

Jesus. Why is this whole thread not dismissed as a fucking matter of course?


Well, I guess it's just an important topic of discussion, then. This is abominable.

Let's play "I searched IMdB." Or again here. Seriously, why would anyone recommend this? I hate it. HATE HATE HATE


Yes, I know that Drew posts are breeding grounds for all sorts of garbage, but holy shit, guy, did you even read the article? You are the fucking problem, you moron.



Well, that's it. Have a great weekend and as always, call me out on omissions or ask for validation below.