Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Horse posts are always good for a little something something, aren't they? StuartScottsEye continued his good run in the Horse Crash post with a pretty original packaging of an antique premise. I liked it, anyway.

Same topic, different theme from danonymously, who used the insane visuals from the post to craft a seriously silly idiot joke that slayed me. Or did it sleigh me? That's right, I've picked up a thing or two from watching you all crack wise. Not bad for my first joke ever, is it? Anyway, danonymously, I've never seen you before, but that's a funny gag. Stick around.


What the hell was that SportsNation poll supposed to be? So dumb. Speaking of dumb, Same Sad Echo made a joke. And I won't apologize for laughing at it.

It's true Microsoft's now-derided mascot Clippy has been shoehorned into dumb jokes for a long time, but this is a perfect deployment, RMJ=H. It doesn't take much to see how idiotic a talking paper clip is, but to be that idiotic, well, that's a different story. Congratulations, my friend.


I will own up to something for this next favorite. I've been advocating originality and experimentation with other joke styles/formats in this space, and maybe you've picked up on the subtext. I'm kind of tired of the old standbys. Sorry, it's true. And dialogue jokes are part of the problem. They just feel so navel-gazey and ponderous to me (generally.) But there are exceptions to every rule, and this effort from The Amazing Sneijderman qualifies. Really, really, really funny.


The Phil Mushnick post brought out everyone's best roasting instincts, and with good reason. Mushnick is a nasty turd. Sidebar's joke, however, is not a turd, and was in fact very well liked by all. Kudos.

Along those same lines, Cobra, brah! stabbed his shrimp fork in Mushnick's back with gusto before uttering this cringe-worthy stinger. I seriously love people being insulted. Good work here.


Taking a different tact was marmol heater, who went long form (which we are all about here!) and weird on Jim Nantz. Walton-esque.


But the coup de grâce was dealt by none other than Steve U, who absolutely knocked it out of the park (Mushnick's face, I mean). The premise of the joke ("to the house") gets its strength from its subtlety, which is important. I think, even though it's the same message as above, it might work a little better when you don't have to say "negro". Just easier to laugh. But he totally nails the tone and language that someone like that pig Mushnick would use. It's just so believable. And you can practically hear him sneer at every syllable of "Disgusting." Great fucking joke. *taps wine glass with fork* That's your Comment of the Day.

Total Fucking Duds

Look, I had a couple duds, but I forgot one of them. The other one is not bad enough to stand up to all that scrutiny on its own, and I'm kind of second-guessing it anyway. So here's a one night reprieve. But I will revisit this if necessary. Have a good weekend, and look for a ***SPECIAL ROUNDUP WEEKEND EDITION*** or whatever the hell it was if I'm not too drunk. See ya