Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Gentlemen. Ladies. Unfortunately something has come up and you're not going to be getting your full fare from me tonight. I do regret it, but you all do a generally fine job pointing out the important comments below my bellowing up here, anyway.

However, I do have two comments to share with you, and here they are in all their abbreviated glory.


This smug little number from FreemanMcNeil in the Jeopardy! post edged out one or two others to be named the lone favorite and today's Comment of the Day. It's so damned funny, I think, because it's a jiu jitsu joke - a term I have just coined to explain and will abandon posthaste - it uses all your own momentum against you. Knowing the content of the post, you read it with all the wrong inflection and try to shoehorn the humor into your dumb brain ex post facto. But upon reflection, the nature of the gag hits you in the head like a balloon full of bird shit, and it feels too good. Nice work Freeman.


Total Fuckin' Dud

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this, uh, balloon full of bird shit from terriblehuman. This garbage has the triple failings of reaching grade school-levels of unfunniness, spawning a truly gross thread for the ages, and giving the appearance that I only read one post all day long and then told everyone to fuck off at the last minute, which is only partially true. There's more .gifs in this junk pile than I care to count, and I saw Rob Ford's face once, which makes me want to swallow an axe the wrong way. Hell, even supermike or the spectre of supermikes past joins the fray at one point. TGIF, right? Gross. Hopefully we'll do better next week, eh, Wendel Clark Bar?


And hopefully I'll do better next week too. Have a good one, all.