Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Well, Fridays are always a little sparse.


Here's a really tight and well-executed joke from newly bedazzled pkellen2313 in the Lolo Jones post. This is a concept that a newer or less skillful commenter might have bungled by trying some high concept dialogue or something else equally contrived. But you know when you've got a good hook. And Raysism knew it too, crafting, in my mind, an equally successful gag based on the same premise. Although it was 3 whole minutes later. Heck, an 18 year old Kenyan could run from here to the stolen joke store in that amount of time. Seriously, good work to the both of you. I'm splitting the Comment of the Day right down the middle for you two.

SavetoFavorites continues to be perhaps the most underappreciated joker wandering the halls of Deadspin, earning a mere 22 recs for this very funny and very blue parenthetical in the Lizard Lettuce post. What do you people want? This got 10 recs and it's barely a comment, much less a joke. This 98-reccer is, so far as I can tell, is funny because two different companies have names that end in the letter O. For fuck's sake. StF's take is original, un-formulaic, and funny with plenty of personality and character. [throws up hands]


Speaking of plenty of character, I've noticed that David Hume has taken a shine to showing up in threads you might not expect to be full of great jokes, dropping a fairly brilliant comment, and slinking away like a damn cat burglar. Obviously, no one else notices, because a gem like this in the 11 Shots post is pulling down a measly 13 recs at the moment. The gag has Hume written all over it, and there's plenty in there to love, but it's especially notable for being in a post filled with people sharing idiotic names of shots they've never taken, and drinking stories from colleges they never went to. This joke is an oasis in the desert, and readers are ignoring it like it's another story about a disgraced bank CEO receiving a massive raise. [throws up hands again]

I'll cop to being the moron who had to look this little ditty from BlairWalshProject up, thereby robbing it of some of its energy. My apologies, BWP. It is a very sharp joke.


Finally, here's a not exactly hysterical but nevertheless fantastic bit from UniversalEnvelopingAlgebra in the NFL Lipreading post. It's a very smart comment, clearly crafted by a talented writer. But listen to me telling you the Jeter in Buttland guy has writing chops; of course you already knew that.


Total Fucking Duds

There are, however, some people on this site who write long screeds and still somehow are not very smart or even tolerably intelligent or possibly even capable of living alone. That's you, ahem, poundit. There are very few things worse than a pseudo-intellectual, and I think the guy who says "calling a plant organic is redundant" certainly qualifies.


I think I remember DingoDen asking for some comment feedback the other day. That's great. It obviously means he/she cares about commenting and wants to get better. For starters, don't do this (lazy "some guy looks like some guy" trope) or this (non-joke question answered in the post/video). Please keep trying, but try harder (and maybe not as often).

I don't think it's necessarily Gene-Rayburner's fault, but his comments tend to attract and aggregate the absolute worst (undismissed) replies out of anyone on this site. Reading everyone chime in with the age and affinity for Richard Pryor based on understanding the cultural reference in the joke was really painful. You're not cool for having read/listened to/seen one particular thing, folks. Jesus


This felt like I was having a bad reaction to pharmaceuticals.


There was one other post, I thought, that had nothing but insanely terrible comments, but I clicked out by accident. So, sorry. Or you're welcome. Have a good weekend folks