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Roundup - Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorites and duds from today's commenting

If you were thinking that the Roundup is going up late because the amount of good comments to compile was so overwhelming that I just couldn't get it done promptly, well, you were wrong about that. But don't fret! It's also not because there were hundreds of worthy duds, either! It's because I was cooking turkey burgers. The comments today were mediocre as fucking shitted hell, and we are going to discuss five (5) total. If you don't like it, well, be better! Or at least way worse.


First, the less bad ones.


I liked this, from Bronzehammer, in the Rams Owner thread. It's fun to see a familiar face around, and the joke has plenty of personality. I think the weird format is the humor fulcrum, and I'm guessing the similarity to the old Popsicle jokes is intentional, so it's evocative as well. Nice work.

I'm not watching the video in the Wes Welker thread, so it's good that pkellen2313 crafted a funny joke that didn't require it. For me, it's getting harder to laugh at concussion jokes because it is a real issue, and even though Welker may grow old and have no health problems, laughing at the idea of it almost feels as bad as ignoring the damage in the first place. I realize I am alone on this. And, look, I can recognize the goodness of the joke. It's solid.


No Comment of the Day though.

Total Fucking Duds

There was a moment there, after I revealed how many comments I was putting up tonight, and before I said there was no Comment of the Day recipient, where you were thinking that at least there would be more favorites than duds. Now, though, you're coming to grips with the grim reality. So let's not prolong it. I wanted to skip this section altogether, in a show of solidarity with all the commenters who skipped out today, but these three (3) posts were utter disasters and required action.


I believe this is going to become a running theme of my Dud posts, isn't it, BreakerBaker? Shut the hell up, all of you "reference-getters".


TRT-X was always awful, and will always be awful. Tim, I know you want to engage with the question about why the "Super Bowl" moniker isn't used in the news, but did you read the other part? The part where TRT-X uses "gay" to derogatorily refer to the NFL's trademark defense? Maybe let that languish down below and edit the post. Better yet, ban the moron.


Finally, I hope I will soon scrape the bottom of the "this is the worst thread I have ever seen on Deadspin" barrel, but I continue unabated. I can't fucking stand this shit from colossal jackass Jay-Mo and others. And it received 92 recs. That, folks, is why what we do here is for entertainment only. The comment section will never be better as long as junk like that is tolerated and, unfathomably, celebrated.


Have a good weekend, and enjoy The Large Sports Event on Our Lord's Day™!!!!

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