The World Cup is in full swing, and I couldn't be happier. It certainly makes Twitter a fun place to hang out in the afternoons, don't it? Let's take a look at yesterday's favorites and duds, shall we?

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Things got slowly rolling, and our first favorite comes from Turn Down For Wat in the Detroit Lions Fan photo. I seem to remember a similar line of attack from Madoffs Mets earlier in the week, and TDFW's is just as sharp.

Wow, SavetoFavorites, just … wow. That's an expert bow you tied in the Whataburger Field Tweet. This vignette is seriously under-appreciated. Go back and read that one again, because that's fucking hysterical. Here's your Comment of the Day.

Milo Minderbinder managed to demonstrate Cardinals fans' sensitivity with this tight one-liner in the Bandwagoners study.

Ahh yes, the Baltimore Bull. What a great story and, thus, opportunity for jokes. Here's ItlnStln with a fine feint at the expense of Peter Schmuck, and just down the way RMJ=H went with an Idiot pun for some raucous applause (also, Mangini In A Bottle, that picture reply made me giggle uncontrollably; thanks).


Goddammit, Raysism.

Total Fucking Duds

Yeah—no, not today. It was enough just to get me into the office. Drop your favorites or oversights down there, and enjoy the calcio. Ciao.