If our writers can coast to an early Friday exit, Your Curator can too, right?

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Rise and shine, pkellen2313. That is some wicked stuff in the Sepp Blatter update. Just a stone-cold joke.

Madoffs Mets finished off the week with a clever wordplay in the Rice Recruiting story that points its way back to the Jalopnik article earlier.

Buried down in the Wrigley Misattribution post, MikeStantonWalkOffBalk has the best swing at Lindbergh's notoriously backwards political and religious views.

Dearie me, girlwonder. This terse incision in the Jack Nicholson post requires no real exegesis, but it does earn Comment of the Day. [hands over award; backs out of room slowly]


It's been a while since a reply joke has earned a favorite, and Same Sad Echo's parabola in Samer's column is a perfect way to handle that moron.

MattinglysSideburns carries us into the weekend with this wonderful dig at Jim Irsay in the Robert Mathis post. Cheers, buddy.

Total Fucking Duds

Alright, MWarnerM, we get it, portrait mode is the only way to take videos. God this is so tiresome.


I'm exhausted just writing one dud. I can't do it. It's Friday, and we all need a drink. Errors and omissions below, if you have the strength. Enjoy the weekend, and remember: Week in Review on Sunday.