I tried.

I went through every article posted today. I went through the linked posts. There were a couple of good jokes. Pleatherface had a few decent ones, Echo and I think RMJ put a couple out there, Exeter made me want to strangle him in his usual manner. But that was it.

If I were the kind of guy to do Duds anymore, hooooooooo boy. There were lots. Lots and lots. And not just the "bad joke" duds. Aggressively bad comments, Don't read the plane post comments. Don't read any comments today. Don't.

Guys and gals, we can do better than this. If you commit to making funny jokes, I'll commit to doing roundups every Monday to give you recognition. Deal? Yes, the new Kinja experience sucks, but it's only slightly worse than the last. Stick around though. Let's try to salvage this. It's worth it.