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Roundup - Monday, April 28, 2014

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting:

Ah, it's great when a high-profile story hits Deadspin because it brings us the opportunity for so many HOT SPROTS TAEKS!!!! in the comments. What it didn't bring, today, was a lot of jokes. Oh well, just another manic Monday. We proceed, nevertheless, with...


Favorites, in no particular order:

First off, pkellen2313 or whatever the fuck his name is hit the mark with this timely shot at Vin Baker in the Clippers Sponsors post.

In the Stiviano Visor post, fusilliGaryBettman's vision was definitely not obscured with this callback to the photo just above. Seriously, what the fuck is going on with her hand? Fortunately, this brought out all sorts of shit replies. Dismiss that shit, fGB. Failed dismissals aside, for the sheer unexpectedness of this observation (all along, I though fGB was blind, and kinda not funny), this gets the Comment of the Day nod. Congrats.

Back to the hilarious topic of athletes with crippling substance abuse problems, Obscure Simpsons Reference came out of nowhere with this recontextualization joke in the Sidney Crosby Booing post.


And, returning to the theme of commenters who should probably fucking dismiss replies to their jokes, DougExeter put Donald Sterling into historical context in the NFL Sales post.

Total Fucking Duds

You should know me well enough to know these ain't happening on my watch.


E&O below. Have a good night.

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