Pretty good Monday. Slow start, as usual, but things picked up in the afternoon.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

This is a solid "…but the picture looks like something else"-joke by noted Tyson T. Grivens hater, Raysism. I love Ray, even though the one time I met him, he kept saying things like, "I'ma take off these shorts so you can see some real runner quad." He also had an enjoyable anti-Semitic callback in the Adam Silver story. Typical.

I like a good wordplay joke, and there were a couple of good wordplay jokes today. This one by girlwonder made me giggle, and the one by cobrah, brah! on the Cassel/Bridgewater story was adorably childish. Good work.

The Amazing Sneijderman used Tom Ley's Dos Equis setup in the Sepp Blatter post to perfection. This is a place where a shitty commenter would simply post an image of the Dos Equis guy. A lesser commenter might write something stupid, such as "Dos Equis is the name of a beer."


RMJ=H made a delightful cannibalism joke. Even though I probably don't need to explain it to you, since you, Sidespin reader, are not a big stupid idiot, it's funny because Jeffery Dahmer ate people, and also because a club is a type of sandwich. This is your Comment of the Day.

Also loved this clever Christianity joke by PedroiasBaldSpot, and this masterful sex-accident-penis-ejaculation gag by DougExeter. They are classic smart-ass jokes, the kind of jokes Deadspin used to be known for before everyone ruined it those six times everything was ruined.


Total Fucking Duds

owen-magnetic wrote a half-hearted parody of a stupid comment that wasn't obvious enough. If you want to act like a moron, you must fully embrace stupidity. You can do it, Owen. Just push a little harder next time.


I know what to expect from chupacabraburrito.


If you want to see a whole shitload of terrible comments, feel free to peruse the Beyoncé story, where a great many people essentially share earnest opinions about whether or not she is ELITE. It is breathtaking.


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.