Moving quickly today. I doubt if there will be any more Roundups this week but let's have some fun. I'll get a Week in Review done, hopefully later tonight.

Favorites, in no particular order:

This mean-spirited jab at Jason Kidd by Steve U in the NBA Wheel post was great.

Fidrych or Die Tryin' went with wordplay to point out the buried lede in the Megatron post. Hey, it made me laugh, and that's all that matters here.


This joke, by David Hume in the Memphis Fast Break post, made me cringe, then laugh, then look up that Kevin Ware video, then puke. Thanks, asshole. Good work.


New guy (or at least new to me) this_is_somewhat_relevant sticks it to Hanley Ramirez in the Ramirez Hair post. What kind of stupid name is "Hanley", anyway? This was funny, and well done. Stick around.


Total Fucking Duds

No duds today, boys. It's Christmastime.