...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we're back.

Shitehawk isn't around today, but he's given me the keys to the place for the time being. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Shitehawk's Senseless Apprentice, and I'll be running this show on Mondays moving forward. You wanna impress me? Make a funny joke, idiot. Here we go:

Favorites, in no particular order

Same Sad Echo started the day off right with a silly joke in the Swaggy P post. This made me laugh and then feel bad at myself for laughing. Nice job.

Hit Bull Win Steak didn't get 2200+ recommendations for this dumb little joke in the Baylor Bros post, but it was funny nonetheless.


New guy gullyb with some nasty wordplay in the Worst Fans post. Both aspects of this joke (a Korey Stringer "shock" joke, and plays on the word "fan") have been done before, but gullyb put them together nicely here. Stick around, you done well. In fact, this is the Comment of the Day.

Relatively new guy fusilliGaryBettman with an absolutely ridiculous pull in the LeBron Mom post. It is so stupid, yet I couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity. And now that song is in my head. Jerk. (LATE EDIT: Holy shit, check out this response.)


It seemed to be lost on a few people, but DougExeter actually made a good joke, with the subject matter being rape, in the Heisman Voter post. Well done, Doug, I'm sure you're glad that your joke inspired such great discussion below. Try to stay above the fray next time; dismiss the (bad) idiots.


BloodGames (who it appears used to be known as White_Johnson) got creative with this poem in the Robinson Cano post. That kind of stuff flies here, and it was done very well.

RMJ=H with an idiot joke in the Super Bowl Tailgating post. Apparently, though, you can't make enough of an idiot joke that it won't inspire earnestly stupid responses. Again, if only there was a way to dismiss these types of comments...


50ShadesOfJimGray made me chuckle with this offering in the Nate Robinson Cramp post. Yes, it's well-worn ground, but it was executed nicely, and I laughed. Sue me.


Total Fucking Duds

Complete idiot Joseph Finn dropped by to rail against baseball cheaters in the Heisman Voter post. Unhappily, Mr. Finn is a regular around these parts, in the way that people who defecate normally are called "regular."


disgustofcos with a cool story, bro in the Nate Robinson Cramp post. This has the classic double-whammy of both offering absolutely nothing of value, while also being an opportunity for this guy to brag about himself. Get bent.

Pretty much every comment in the Jameis Winston opinion piece was a steaming pile of crap, as was every Delonte West joke in the LeBron post. If you think I'm gonna list all of the duds, well then, buddy, don't think that.



Thanks to all for showing up today. Let's do our best to drive out the idiots by sheer numbers and turn the non-grey part of the comments back to a fun place to be. Don't forget to +1 good jokes and if there's anything that you feel was missed, point it out below.