Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

How weird to be writing the Roundup on a Monday instead of a Friday. Functionally, it's mostly the same, except instead of heading out to Shitehawk's Rounduppers-only weekend booze cruise, I'm just walking in the door. Hey, my party hat's still on! A party hat??! What did we get into last night?! Oh, boy.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I almost stopped scrolling in the Half Court Job post, but I'm glad I didn't. Why was this clever little twist of the knife from Same Sad Echo so far down the page? And why didn't 3 burners immediately chime in to say "Hey, Gawker's over there, HamNo!"? Ah, well, better luck next time, SSE. Later, in the IOC post, an appropriately absurdist take on an absurd situation.


I was also partial to this riff from RMJ=H in the Puppies post. It's an interesting joke - very obvious in the sense that you know there's a punchline coming; it's like looking at the word "funny" in neon lights by the time you get to the italics. But he has the sense and subtlety to let you do a little bit of work at the end, not naming the object of his derision. That kind of polish makes a good joke pretty great.

Total Fucking Duds

Hit Bull Win Steak continues his reign of terror unabated. HBWS is not afraid to look like a hack, or a grinder, which is good, because he's both. He's probably pretty funny in a "funny office guy" kind of way, someone who has stumbled into a few pretty good premises over time. But for all the outright misses he makes, he should have a hell of a lot more home runs.


Also of interest tonight is this thread from way back in March 2012. It's notable for being former commenter MaverickisAirborne's last thread (and last online appearance altogether so far as I know), as well as being both a) a case-in-point why reposting old articles complete with old comments is weird and awkward and b) an example that our comment section was not free of dumb navel-gazing even a year ago. Now, Maverick's (and BevrajofChoice's) comment has apparently been deleted since this afternoon, but it's funny (er, kinda) how much serious discussion was going on back then. Granted, the people doing it could generally read, but nevertheless.


Alright, today was a light day. No wonder SenselessApprentice said he was planning on having spontaneous gout tonight. So long