Sorry for the late post, guys. Shitehawk had me busy all day cleaning his toilets with a toothbrush. Joke's on him, though - when he made me brush his teeth, I used a toilet brush.

On to the real, there were a lot of posts today.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I liked this silly compilation of e-mail scams by The Amazing Sneijderman in the Viral News Video post. Even though you knew where the joke was going from the word "Nigerian", it was well-written and funny, especially "all-naturally-grown seventeen-inch member." Kids, never forget that "member" is in a tie for fourth-place for funniest names for the penis, which is good if you like penis jokes. Wait, kids, maybe you should forget that. Later, This dialogue joke in the J.R. Smith post made me lose it though. That's a great last line, and it caps off the Comment of the Day.

Another goofy dialogue joke from marmol heater in the J.R. Smith post. Something about that post lent itself to a bunch of dialogue jokes, which I really enjoy. Dialogue jokes are something that seem to come and go on Deadspin, and it seemed like there had been a paucity of them over the last few months, so it's good to see a resurgence.


What, ho? Is this Universal Enveloping Algebra or Jack Handey making long-form funnies in the Hide the Midget post? Speaking of things that are good to see, these creative longer comments seem to also be making a comeback, spurred on by the likes of UEA and Respected Comment Artisan David Hume, and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

Speaking of speaking of things that are good to see, making jokes whose punchline is the previous post fell out of fashion for a while, but Milo Minderbinder did a very good job of it in the Nate Robinson Dunks post. This one catches you out of nowhere and uses a perfect economy of words. It has nothing more than necessary to make you (and me) laugh, and that's what makes it great.


There are two ways to interpret "fixed" in this joke by Raysism in the Evander Holyfield post. One makes it look like Ray is making a very milquetoast comment, but change the meaning of "fixed" and hoo boy. Great joke. As you can see, the idiot replying understood neither possibility. Ray, dismiss that trash.


This made me laugh from Barry Petchesky (of all people) in the LeBron James Gun post. A very simple joke, but a good one.

ReverseApeChemist with this shot at LeBron also in the Lebron James Gun post (go figure). Finally a comment about travelling in basketball that makes you laugh instead of making you want to kill the commenter with your bare hands and then dunk their head through a hoop on video only to have someone comment that you were travelling.


cobra, brah! just nudged out another commenter with the same punchline by making this slightly funnier joke in the Soccer Trick Shot post. Uh, I mean, I don't understand this joke. Can someone explain it in the comments maybe?


Same Sad Echo going off the rails in the Lovie Smith post, and it's a lot of fun.

Total Fucking Duds

Is it a cliche yet to put Joseph Finn in the Duds? Probably. But as long as Deadspin keeps doing the Hall of Fame posts, J-Fin is going to keep belching out this stupidity. All right, Plus Juan and Shitehawk, I'm proposing a moratorium on Joseph Finn from now on. He just doesn't exist LALALALALALALALA


That's enough for Duds. That's always enough.

Point out omissions below and have a great night (morning).