A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Well hello, dear readers, and welcome to your Monday Roundup. It looks like everyone had a pleasant weekend, because there was a lot of funny in the water today. Here are the highlights of that funny.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

In what was probably the twilight of SavetoFavorites' weekend acid-bender, our resident maniac penned a beautifully introspective scene in the morning's screen-grab. I really admire StF's self-awareness and calm deconstruction of the "amirite?" format into a moment of existential reflection.


Same Sad Echo put his foot down on the sarcasm pedal in the NCAA Football Trophy picture with a comment that Mark Emmert could be proud of.

In the Bumgarner-Posey story, Doc Holliday spun an excellent yarn around the fat Pablo Sandoval spool that yanked a big old cackle out of Your Curator.

RMJ=H demonstrated his attention to detail in the World Cup VIP list picture with this smart jab at LeBron James. ZING!

I liked SimulatedSnowman's simple rejoinder in the Maradona-Messi post, mainly because I also read that quote and thought "Diego is on that good shit."


Also in the Maradona-Messi thing, Milo Minderbinder twisted the same line for a bit darker, but no less funny, angle.

Ley's Götze Boat Boner headline and post are hilarious on their own merits, and I thoroughly enjoyed RogerMexico's photoshop with the WC trophy. Hilarious.


I'd like to imagine Raysism reading I still have a pager's line in the Runner-Hit-By-Lightning story and smiling inwardly to himself. That's some nifty wordplay.

Here's some quality "just asking questions" type of comedy from Madoffs Mets in the Jeter RE2PECT video.


A couple of favorites in the WC Pool post. I'm Dan, He's Casey—who has long had my favorite commenter name—offered up a historical cringer, while Fidrych or die tryin wrote a solid dick-joke.

One of my dad's favorite things to say when confronted with a silver linings type of situation is, "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" Which was the first thing that ran through my mind after reading Utah Jazz Hands' fictive text messages in the Hernandez-Belichick story. What's so grotesquely funny about this comment is that it totally reads like a Belichick deflection. And the precision in formatting! Just wonderful stuff, UJH. This is your Comment of the Day.


And now we come to the Fake Chicago Shootings Ledes. Like the original Schiano Man or Todd Haley posts, pyramidal joke threads and come-one-come-all situations are where Deadspin's commentariat thrives. Go back and look at all of those! I'll give my favorites, and I implore you to leave your personal preferences in the comments. First up, pkellen2313 invoked one of Your Curator's favorite movie lines for hilarious effect; next, BlindOwl went with a more straightforward, point-and-grunt delivery; rhythm method also chose the ham-fisted route; and finally, Curtis Wenis' submission brought an audible "hooooo boy" out of me. Really great stuff, all around, people. Kudos.

Total Fucking Duds

I really love when people leave comments about how they hate the content on Deadspin. Like, for instance, DelBocaVista, who released his bowels all over the afternoon's LeBron Scoop thing.


HUGE day in Commentland. Look at all those favorites! This one was fun to write, y'all. Drop your favorites and complaints below, and enjoy the Homerun Derby.

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