A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Roundup - Monday, July 7, 2014

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Welcome back from the holiday weekend. I see that you're no worse for the wear, and your comments today are a testament to what I'm sure was a calm, quiet, and sober celebration. Let's round 'em up!


Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Strong morning, all around. RMJ=H kicked us off with the Comment of the Day over in the Lebron Circus story. Just a beautiful icepick of a sentence. And delivered so matter-of-factly! Glorious.


Also in the LeCircus post, snoop-a-loop executed a rare—but hilarious—picture gag that eerily presaged the day's Dan Gilbert news. How and what do you know, snoop?

IronMikeGallego fetched a razor from his toolbox for a good old-fashioned skewering of Drew Carey in the Dan Gilbert check-in.


I enjoyed TheInfantTyrone's adorable little pull in the Bear-Stuck-In-A-Milk-Jug video. (I also have no idea what Miss Ann Thrope was doing there.)

Milo Minderbinder elicited a cursing response from Petchesky in the Pistorius update. I don't know if that comment qualifies you as king or shutter-down of the interwebz, but that's a funny fucking comment, Milo. Have another +1 just for the hell of it.


marmol heater dropped into the Georgia Football Star Wars weirdness and offered a wonderfully trimmed-down dialogue that's perfect there. Just enough is left to the reader that we know exactly what's going on here, and what's going on here is some wickedly funny stuff.

This hook-and-ladder in the P.J. Hairston Punching story from DougExeter is seriously under-appreciated. Such strong-arm delivery typifies many of Exeter's comments like this—I'm thinking of his keep-government-out-of-football-but-also-keep-government-in-football line—and the Everyman desire he taps has broad appeal to the curmudgeon in all of us.


Lordy lord, that damn Manziel Dirt list is great, and I couldn't stop giggling there for a while. A number of Idiot photoshops made the favorites: here's Phil with some Magic the Gathering ("money order is fine" was a nice touch), and someone called Oddibe McDowell with, well, a water bill of all things. Let's see … well I'll be damned. Madoffs Mets tossed some serious shade at the Browns' offensive front to continue the day's theme of insult-comments-are-killing-Your-Curator.

Here's a nasty cringer from FreemanMcNeil in the Sleepy Suing Yankees Fan story. Admittedly, I had to refresh myself on Cory Lidle, but this is one of those stone-cold jokes that rewards a quick googling. Yikes.


Speaking of stone-cold jokes, I liked this open-palmed smack from DingoDen in McKenna's Dan Snyder piece. It's short, erudite, and engages the quoted sentence perfectly. Pow indeed, Dingo.

Two favorites in the Screaming Soccer Player video. marmol heater returned for some ridiculous self-deprecation, while Curtis Wenis made a sort of continuation joke that rests on a very nice pun.


Pleatherface brings us home this evening with a nifty little call-back to all those ridiculous spambots in the Johnny Football Nae Nae thing. Quick, good work there.

Total Fucking Duds

Duds are cancelled. Look at all those favorites! 15 of 'em! Tell us your personal favorites, omissions, or felony confessions down there, and sleep tight.

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