Favorites and Duds from today's commenting...

There were a lot of good comments today, but how many made the Senseless Apprentice grade? Let's find out, together:

Favorites, in no particular order:

The Marshall Henderson post brought us a few pretty decent jokes - the best of which was pkellen2313's easy one-liner. Variations of this joke have been done before, for sure, but this was very well executed.


In the same post, Insert Clever Name inserted a clever joke at Mr. Henderson's expense. I'm a sucker for these bait-and-switch jokes, and this fits the bill. Good one.

Grand old man MattinglysSideburns ventured into unchartered territory by mocking Donald Sterling in the Donald Sterling post. Frankly, I'm surprised more people aren't making fun of this Sterling fellow. It seems he's made some rather foolish comments lately. Not shy from exploring new areas from jokes, this guy also weighed in on the Michael Sam post later on. A good day's work.

SaveToFavorites brought this impassioned screenplay bit to the Korean Bat Flip post. This is vintage StF, isn't it? Well-written, darkly funny, no single knockout punchline but so vividly told. Naturally, it confused the hell out of many burners, whose bodies actually rejected absorption of this comment. For that, it is the Comment of the Day.

Finally, in the Yasiel Puig Video Game post, fusilliGaryBettman made me chuckle with this bit of stupidity. He would do that, wouldn't he?


Total Fucking Duds

For a change, we're not gonna do duds tonight.


Have a good one, folks. Yell at me below.