Favorites, in no particular order:

This is a very good dialogue joke by RMJ=H in the Welker Kentucky Derby post. Most dialogue jokes require the writer to identify the participants at the outset, but of course RMJ knows that doing so would ruin this one. The punchline here manages to reveal the hidden identity while taking potshots at both participants. This is a funny joke, and it's your Comment of the Day.

In the same post, it's Milo Minderbinder with ye olde concussione joke. There's not much left to wring out of this punchline but Milo scores a blow (to the head) with his simple delivery. The next time this joke gets made it's probably not in the Roundup though. That's life. Later, he whipped out this gross screenplay joke in the RPS Strategy post. Good work.

In the same post, DougExeter helpfully takes professional rock-paper-scissors players down a peg. Bonus points to RMJ for returning the favor. More people should be doing this to Doug, in this Apprentice's opinion.

Down in the Self Hail Mary post, cobra, brah! scored a winner with this self-deprecating jab. And a big fucking thumbs down to dipshit Nick Dina for this asinine response. First off, you fucking idiot, the joke had nothing to do with race. You projected your own thoughts about race onto the joke, meaning that you thought that the punchline was "this black guy must not have a dad." Then you +1'd it. What a fucking tool you are. Most of the time I recommend dismissing garbage replies but I'm glad cobra let this guy hang himself (or forgot to dismiss it). Fuck you, Nick Dina.


Total Fucking Duds

Hey, I guess I did the Duds already! Good hustle, me.


Bitch or whatever below, I don't care. Good night, you funny sumbitches.