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Roundup - Monday, September 22nd, 2014

What a shitty fucking day for comments. It was a wasteland out there. There was some interesting Burneko-led discussion on the Peter King story, I guess?

I don't think I can remember a day that had so many possible comedy opportunities (sumo babies, Andy Reid, Peter King) that were left unexplored.


It's not even that there were too many duds. The jokes were simply sub-par or uninspired. We were missing a lot of good commenters today, and it shows.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

It was nice to see a classic Deadspin comedy pyramid on the Weed Reporter story. Not sure that this would have made the favorites on a typical day, but at least RMJ=H did something amusing here.

The Andy Reid dance story was a golden opportunity for jokes. It was nice to see Milo Minderbinder do what he does here. It's not just a fat joke; it's a clever turn of phrase by a veteran commenter. This is your Comment of the Day.

Total Fucking Duds

I know a flaming bag of horseshit when I see it, and the Eagles fan fight story was a flaming bag of horseshit. LOON ARMY, if your understanding of the last several weeks is that we are collectively on our soap boxes about violent athletes, you haven't been reading very closely. KP59 suggested that one security guard at all football stadiums be given a firearm to keep the peace. These are real, approved comments in the comments section of Deadspin.


The sumo story seemed so promising, and had so few highlights. This one by HairMetalHenry was dud-worthy because it is a poor regurgitation of an average joke that Jay Sanin made approximately an hour earlier. If you want to use the same premise, do something different with it. There is plenty of meat left on the bone here. It's sad.

Great job, AldoPepi, you know the turrth!!! I love when burners call out Deadspin. It's possibly my favorite genre of dud.


That's it. Fuck today. Let's all agree to try harder tomorrow.

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