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Roundup - Monday, September 29th, 2014

Really great Monday today. Nice job by a lot of commenters. Sure, there were duds and wretchedness, but overall it was a really nice way to start the week.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Two very fine wordplay quips today: one by ReverseApeChemist in the Cardinals swimming pool story and another by marmol heater in the Adrian Peterson text message piece. Nice job, fellas.


Ryan Fitzpatrick's Howard Dean impression was an early Monday morning post and Pleatherface was in midweek form. This is a beautiful dialogue bait-and-switch. It is your Comment of the Day.

SaveToFavorites made a precise and under-starred joke in the ESPN domestic violence panel-that-isn't story.

I was overjoyed to see a colossal block of text by frequent favorite, RMJ=H on the balding LeBron story. This is among the dumbest Deadspin comments of 2014. It's full of stupid, stupid, amazing jokes. Look at this fucking sentence: "But what's most important for me is bringing one atrophied coiffure back to Northeast Ohio." This is brilliant stupid writing. Well done.

Total Fucking Duds

Freddie DeBoer didn't do anything with this comment on the Notre Dame story. It's kind of the same comment as several others that were made much earlier in the day. This is a fine premise if you do something with it, there's just not enough work here.


This comment by Rexpane is the type of comment that everyone hates. It's kind of a joke, but it comes across as more of a "who cares!?!?" on a funny little story. Again, your premise can work, it just needs a little more finesse.

This haughty piece of shit by HarpersFerry1859 does not deserve to be the top comment on the Jovan Belcher story. Please do not engage with these people.


Just don't even look at the Brady Hoke post.

That's it for today. If I starred your comment and you aren't listed above, it means I enjoyed it and it didn't make the cut. Nice try. Keep up the good work. Leave your comments down below, or don't, what do I care? Alex Smith is on TV tonight.

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