I love a good Magary post. The guy does a vociferous "I fucking dare you to disagree with me" like none other, and the Pine Tar piece is some excellent shit-stirring. What's that? Oh, right; we're rounding up today's comments.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Well lookie here: Clinton Portishead checked in to demonstrate his historical aptitude with a ridiculous zinger in the Pine Tar essay. Coupled with "The fools ...," the geographical precision of "La Brea Pit" punctuates a fantastic comment that lends the joke a sort of magisterial authority. Here's your Comment of the Day.

OldBeigeGuy took advantage of a détente in the week's flamewar to prod the pixelated among us. That burner's earnest, creepy reply is too perfect.

The McCarthy post on left-handedness is an interesting read, and NashWednesday recontextualized a sentence to hilarious effect.

In the Asshole Baseball fan post, here's DougExeter with an excellent extension. The "Hey, give the guy a break" format is fairly common, but Exeter puts the screws to it by doubling down on Absent Father of the Year's dickishness.


[squints at Wrigley Cake post; puts on reading spectacles; looks again; cleans lenses; squints harder] It … it can't be, can it? This must be a fake Raysism account, right? That sure as hell reads like a Raysism comment, but I thought that guy died. He did die, right?

That Wrigley Cake thing inspired a number of you, as it should have. It's stories like that where our best and brightest thrive. Take for instance marmol heater, whose dumpster-diving comment has a surprisingly low amount of vitriol in response. Or RMJ=H with a dagger for Sammy Sosa.

The Buffalo Jills Handbook is where the real afternoon laughs are found, though. Good God, marmol heater, this self-deprecating advice on feminine hygiene is a hell of a gross-out, don't you think? And look! It's Mangini In A Bottle making us all shake our heads. I liked this dark little number from girlwonder, and Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet had a hilarious redefinition of "consume." Well done in there, lady and gentlemen.


Total Fucking Duds

Well done, GoddofFuck, this would be the Comment of the Day if it wasn't, you know, the diametric opposite of that.

Fuck you, RichieG., fuck you right to Hell. Even if you're trolling and your stupid story is fiction, you're mucking up the place. Fuck you.


Include your favorites or gripes below, and I'll see you Friday, which is tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday.