Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I really enjoyed this absurd ad from TekamulBurner in the Risks of Sizzurp post. There's a lot of funny here, but my favorite part is the And the codeine line. The line is great, the italics give it a very specific tone, and it winds up working beautifully in an add that warns against "Erectile Dystopia". I like this guy. Stick around.

This is really dark and silly and hilarious, from Same Sad Echo in the School Closing Messages post. The choice of song is funny just for being wildly inappropriate, so you're smiling before you even get to the next part of the joke. Then he furthers that juxtaposition by going with an introduction as silly and disarming as Mornin' gang. Of course, the punchline is what ties the whole joke together and gives particular relevance to the choice of song. This is a terrific joke, and all inside 15 words. Bravo. Also, who doesn't like this, from the Russian Curling Faceplant post? This is such a charming and effective presentation of the letting-the-air-out-of-the-balloon mechanics of jokes. It's great. And even later, I laughed at this offering in the Jeter Retirement post. So good.


Ah, this is funny, from Raysism in the School Closing Messages post. Come on. It's funny! The word jorts alone has tremendous value, and of course it's made just a bit funnier because it's coming from the Jort King himself. Anyway, I chuckled.

Here's a solid pull from fusilliGaryBettman in the Falling Disco Ball post. There's probably a way to spin this up into something with a little more energy, but delivered the way it is it both highlights the snag and functions as a mild Idiot joke. Good job.


This thread is hilarious, mostly featuring SavetoFavorites, in the Crashing Speed Skaters post. SavetoFavorites is doing his thing, being a goofball, piling on silliness, and along comes some well-intentioned bozo with a close-but-not-close-enough effort. And it's just brutal. And then! SavetoFavorites turns even that into an occasion for something wonderful. I love this whole thing. It's great.


This is awful and stupid in a funny, charming way, from Universal Enveloping Algebra in the Russian Curling Faceplant post. It's definitely a high-wire act, because this joke could be absolutely brutal. The line "It is slippery," he said is where I chuckled aloud, where the head-shaking turned into a happy smile. Close call! It works. Idiot.

Total Fucking Duds

Okay, this is dreadfully tortured and flimsy, from Gene-Rayburner in the Falling Disco Ball post. Man, for the love of God, leave stuff like this on the cutting room floor in the future. What does it even mean? This is exactly the kind of commenting everyone should stay away from: desperately thin, stylistically clunky and awkward, and utterly meaningless. Don't fall into this bad habit. It's better to not make a comment. Just don't comment. Take posts off. Take days off if you have to. Just don't do this. I don't believe for a second this joke made its author laugh.


Here's something depressingly lazy and uninspired from DerpHerpin in the Johnny Weir post. What does this mean? I hate this crap so much. This joke boils down to nothing more than gay = gay. If the idea is that Herm Edwards reflexively says this kind of dumb shit when confronted with male homosexuality, that's still not enough to carry a joke. Does DerpHerpin punch up his joke with some character? A little personality? Misdirection? No. He does nothing. This joke is terrible, and so, of course, there were 24 idiots who liked it enough to recommend it for apparently no other reason than HEY I KNOW THAT NAME!1! God help us.


Yeah, know what? I'm not doing a Comment of the Day for Thursday. All the comments were good. Share it among yourselves, funny-makers.

Have a great night.