Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a solid wordplay gag from Gene-Rayburner in the Davone Bess post. It's a solid pull, and its delivery is easier than it is careful. I tend to think that's wise in a joke that turns on such a goofy punchline. It comes across as just a fun little quip. He could work harder to slot in his pun at the very end of the joke, but sometimes that effort serves only to twist and torture the setup into something noticeably awkward.

Man, this is so good, from Same Sad Echo in the Bandwagon Cam post. Not everyone can pull this stuff off. He's got to be able to pull off the poetic stuff, and he's got to infuse it with juuust a touch of tongue-in-cheek self-seriousness, and then he's got to bring it home with something appropriately sideways and silly. This is great.


I dig this Idiot joke from Raysism in the Omaha Donations post. It has the exact right deadpan tone, the punchline almost slides by unnoticed. That tiny, tiny moment of confusion, where your mind works to locate and assemble what you missed, that's a particularly delicious part of this kind of humor. Anyway, I love it.

Who the hell doesn't laugh at this, from Steve U in the Omaha Donations post? That's what I want to know: WHO THE HELL DOESN'T LAUGH AT THIS. This is the Comment of the Day. It is hysterical. Later, he dropped this excellent pull in the Olympic Ice Skating post. That's great.


Ah, this is also great, from The Amazing Sneijderman in the Omaha Donations post. I love this stuff. It's smart, it's delivered beautifully, and it's full of silliness. Great job.


Here's another successful long-ass joke, this time from SonOfAPlum in the MLB Manager Challenges post. This one is worth staying with all the way to the end. Good stuff.

Total Fucking Duds

It turns out I am going to be grinding my teeth over this kind of "comment", this time from some total asshole named Frosted Nuts in the Peyton Manning Neck Injections post, forever. I hate it so much.


I don't know, guys. Lana, Lana,.....LANAAAAAA!!! is approaching downright Paolo.Lex-ian levels of suckitude. This comment, in the Old Video post, is a heap of shit. Just look at it. Look at it. I mean, holy cow.


Good haul today, funny types. Keep it up!