It's the first of May, which is the fifth month of the year. The year is 2014, and we have entered the fifth month of it. The ineffable thrust of time cannot be stopped. Let's see how your jokes turned out today, the first day of the year's middle third.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Hot damn! It looks like Poignant Theater is hitting mid-season stride, because this picture joke in the Hawks Logo blurb made me giggle like a doofus.

The (consistently) Amazing Sneijderman also had an excellent pull in the Hawks post that's self-deprecating and barbed at Atlanta.

I'm beginning to sense a pyramidal theme to our commenting choices this week, and I'm all for it; especially since pyramids bury the more abrasive Kinja contributors at the bottom of the page. That said, Joey Tallywacker opened the flood-gates for some creative movie bends in the Sterling Flight story today. Let's see, who else lent some spice to the stew? Jay Bell's Selflessness, Chamomiles Davis, Erg (who earns top billing with The Treasure of the Hijo de Puta esterlin), BONG HiTS 4 TEBOW (Klan Air is a close runner-up), and rhythm method made some nice volleys. Cheers, everyone.

League-leader DougExeter wrote a marvelous joke just below that edifice up there. This one points its way back to Tuesday's Comment of the Day, and leads me to believe that Doug has been drafting Donald Sterling's obituary for a couple weeks now.


Way to go, Pleatherface, thanks for the lesson in colonialism-done-right. Idiot.

FreemanMcNeil and fusilliGaryBettman had some good fun with Steven Levitt this afternoon and in so doing have earned themselves Comment of the Day in two equally delicious slices.

After easing his way back to commenting this week, RigmasTFT dropped some gallows humor in the Durant Backlash spot. Lord, that's dark. [shudders]


Check out this nasty trickeration from cobra, brah! in the Larry Ellison story. This sort of wry observation is one cobra's favorite wrenches: a seemingly obscure NBA reference that, when pondered for just long enough, slaps you in the face for a welcome laugh.

[nods off momentarily]

The evening's How To Sneak Into A Baseball Game thing brought Madoffs Mets back from what he's saying is a stomach bug (sure) for a stupid personal anecdote. RMJ=H also offered us a head-shaker by way of the trusty spouse-jab.


Total Fucking Duds

If you gave a HOT TAKE in the London Fletcher or No Foul Coalition posts today, take a hot seat down here with the duds. [skims down the page; sighs loudly] Looks like Frivolous is buying the first round of cyanide, JoeSeven is kicking you in the groin, and xx1251 is jamming rusty nails up your nasal cavity.

Not a bad Thursday, folks. Gimme your favorites and omissions below. Let's end the week in style tomorrow, yes?